Who We Are
First Church of Religious Science, Vallejo
Our Church was chartered in 1954 by Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science, who was a frequent visitor here. Our mission is to joyously celebrate the Oneness of all with God and to co-create a loving, spiritual atmosphere of learning, growth and healing through active practice of Science of Mind principles. 
At First Church, Vallejo, we teach powerful transformative spiritual principles and honor all paths to God.  We help people experience a personal relationship with their Creator; promote a community of tolerance, understanding and respect; provide classes, programs, prayer and meditation; and advocate a safe haven for like-minded people interested in living a spiritual life.
We are a covenanted member of the Centers for Spiritual Living, and affiliated with the International New Thought Alliance.  

What are the Centers for Spiritual Living?  
The Centers for Spiritual Living is a world-wide organization of over 200 spiritual communities that provide essential tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place.  The Science of Mind philosophy was previously taught via the Church of Religious Science and Religious Science International, two aspects of a single teaching which were integrated in 2011 to form Centers for Spiritual Living as a Religious Science denominational umbrella organization.     
What is the International New Thought Alliance (INTA)?
INTA is a world-wide spiritual community bringing together diverse New Thought traditions, to educate individuals and support the spiritual awakening of the family of humanity to its Divine Nature and inseparable oneness with God, the Good. Member organizations include Divine Science, Religious Science, Unity, and other independent ministries teaching the New Thought message of spiritual Truth.