Support Our Center Through Donations
 Donations are an easy way to support First Church of Religious Science Vallejo.   If you have a vehicle you are not using, it is an simple process to donate it to the Center and receive a tax deduction.   Land, real estate or stocks can also be donated to the Center. 
 Donate land, real estate, stock or make a bequest
Making a bequest or donating land, real estate, or stock is a wonderful way to provide support for our Center.  Contact your lawyer about how to set this up. 
Donate a car, truck, boat, trailer, or RV
We have partnered with the Car Program, Inc.  to make this an easy and painless processWhen you donate a vehicle to First Church of Religious Science Vallejo, you benefit in the following ways:
 Qualify for your lawful IRS tax deduction
Avoid confusing Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork or smog hassles.
Car Program will make proper arrangements for title transfer.
 •Free vehicle pickup whether your car is running or not
 Car Program handles sale of vehicle so there are no confusing or time-consuming headaches for donor.
 Car Program will provide the donor with a tax receipt and forward proceeds to the Center.
 How to get started:
 •Call the Car Program Customer Center at 800-240-0160.  They will take your information and guide you through the process. Hours of operation are seven days a week from 4 a.m. - 8 p.m.
 •If they are unable to accept the donation, they will contact you, usually within 24 hours.
 •Towing agency will contact you and vehicle will be picked up usually within 48 hours. 
 The tow driver will distribute your donation receipt to the donor at the time of pick-up and will need the vehicle, keys and title (if available) from the donor.  The donor should retain the donation receipt for their records.  It is an important document necessary for any available federal income tax deduction.  
 After vehicle is picked up, the Car Program sells it at auction or for salvage and distributes proceeds to the Center.
If the vehicle has a gross sale in excess of $500, Car Program will send the donor a completed IRS 1098-C tax form within 30 days of the completed sale.  They also file a year-end report to the IRS on all 1098-C tax forms.

Thank you for supporting First Church of Religious Science Vallejo