President's Message
               July, 2017  
                                                         by JoAnne Riggs  
Hello from your Board President,  
I am highlighting certain Board and Church activities that have occurred since my last message in April. 
We have received the new chairs for the Sanctuary.  I hope you are enjoying them.  After they were delivered, the next Sunday some of the members who had come early to service said a brief prayer and blessed the chairs.  Thanks to all who participated.  We love our new chairs!  
The Board Retreat was held in early June.  It was held at the San Damiano Retreat Centre in Danville.  It was an excellent session with lots of open, honest, frank and heartfelt discussions.  Our visioning process led to the discovery of great ideas and areas to focus on for the success of the Church.  Thank you to those of you who joined us in the pre-Retreat visioning session with our facilitator, Rai Jordan, R.Sc.P.  We took your visions and ideas to the Retreat and incorporated them into our ideas for the future of our Church.  It helped so much to have your input.  It was amazing how closely aligned your thoughts coincided with ours! You will be hearing more as we put together short and long-term plans.  We are looking forward to your participation as we develop these plans and put them into action.  
One vision for our Church that was very strongly felt by both the Congregation and the Board is that we want our Church be a welcoming one.  We can all implement this idea right now!  You will see the Board members at lunch after service, sitting with new folks and with people they usually do not sit with.  We can all do this right now.  Let's mix it up!  
Coming soon are round tables that may seat eight people for the Family Room, to facilitate easier conversation than the long rectangular tables we have now.  This configuration of tables will help our lunchtime and fellowship feel more welcoming and inclusive.  
You may have noticed recently how beautiful the Zen Garden looks.  We have hired our own Roger McCool to provide an initial major cleanup (already done) and weekly maintenance of the Zen Garden and rear parking lot area.  Thank you, Roger, it looks great!  So with this nice weather upon us, go out and enjoy our garden!  
We had a Grubby Sunday a few weeks ago.  It was well-attended.  Chores were done inside and outside of the Church.  Thanks to all who participated and to Alex Richardson, our leader in this endeavor!  
Originally I thought I would write a monthly message for the website, but quarterly seems more appropriate. However, it may be more frequent when activities or urgency of news dictates.  
As always, we are a work in progress.  I am happy to be a part of it, and to be working on the success of this Church with all of you.    
Until next time,  
President, FCRS Board of Trustees