President's Message
          for April, 2017  
                                                         by JoAnne Riggs  
Hello from your new Board President!  
I was chosen to be your Board of Trustees President for 2017.  I am happy and very excited to do so!  We have identified some positive activities and changes coming up for our Church, to go along with all the great things we are already doing.  There are many opportunities for participation from all of us within the congregation.    
Before going into new business, I want to express the deep gratitude our Board has for the previous Board Members who stepped down at the beginning of this year.  Alex Richardson, now Past President, has served on the Board for several years and is responsible for so many wonderful things she has provided to the Church, too innumerable to count!  I know stepping down from the Board will not keep Alex from continuing as an active mover and shaker at our Church.  Thank you, Alex, for all you do!  
Many thanks also go to Diane Rosenback as she steps down from being Vice President. She has spent so much time in the formative years of our Church at its current location, serving on the Board and representing our Bookstore so well.  She will be continuing in her Practitioner role (as well as Alex and our other cadre of licensed professional Practitioners), working in the Bookstore, on our website and all the many other services she has always provided to this Church.  Thank you, Diane!  
We also no longer have Emily Frank on the Board, who has used her talents and skills to head the Membership Committee, and in being our "inside track" to Dennis, the Board's basic link to Maintenance at the Church.  We will also miss the common-sense approach and thoughtful words she has provided at the Board meetings.  We miss your presence on the Board, Emily, and thank you for your unique skills and perspective!  
Beginning with the March meeting, we identified areas that require leadership from a Board Member.  We are calling them "Portfolios" but just for familiarity we can call them committees.  In many of these areas/activities, we already have Board Members and Congregants busily working.  These portfolios are just an attempt to put more organization into the working system of the Church.  To show you our initial go-round attempt for Board Members to take on these areas, I present our list of Portfolios and the Board Members who have taken the lead in a list below.  Thank you to all the members of the Board who have taken responsibility for these areas!  (This is our first effort, and may be subject to change as we develop this process.  I just wanted to share with you where we are going at present.)  
  President                  JoAnne Riggs                        Community Outreach, Events  
  VP and Secretary     Guillaume Newell                   Bookstore  
  Treasurer                 Karen Jones                           Finance and Registrar  
  Spiritual Director      Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards   Education, Y/F Ministries, Music  
  Board Member         Virginia Dobrei                        Membership  
  Board Member         Debra Barmack                      Focus Groups (i.e., Divas and others)  
  Board Member         Henry Hill                               Maintenance  
A presentation will be given at a later service very soon to expand on this material. Congregants are invited to see where their interests and/or passions lie and sign up to work with Board Members on any of these activities.  
There were two reports by Board Members at the last Meeting discussing work already done within these portfolios.  Debra is starting a new Focus Group, dealing with Weight Management on a Spiritual basis.  The initial meeting for that group will be set up for May. Activities haven't been determined but Debra has lots of great ideas.  Under Community Outreach, JoAnne has visited the Amador Street Food Bank asking if there are volunteer opportunities.  The food bank serves families, homeless and elderly in the local community, and we are already supporting them with our food and monetary donations.  They also partner with the Nazarene Church adjacent to them in a Thursday night dinner for those in need.  There are possible volunteer opportunities in all areas.  Within Community Outreach our goal is to have our Church present and providing hands-on help in Vallejo and the surrounding community.  
At the March meeting we voted to buy new chairs for the Sanctuary.  Soon you will be seeing new and more comfortable chairs!  
Also at the Board Meeting we voted to give the go-ahead to Virginia and Alex to beautify and modernize the bulletin boards in the hallway, and to institute and maintain a process by which the boards are managed.  You may have seen Virginia, Alex and Dennis working in the hallway after Church last Sunday, working on this project.  
On June 3rd and 4th, the Board will be having a Retreat.  We will be working on 1, 3, and 5 year goals for the Church.  We will be using the spiritual practice of Visioning to aid us in this process.  
One more item discussed is the Interplay Event we will b having on April 30th at the Church after lunch.  Interplay is a process by which Spirituality and Movement are combined.  This will be advertised and explained more as we get nearer to the date and written information will be available.  (Google it!)  
Thanks for all your attention in reading this.  My goal is to update the President's Message on the website after each monthly Board Meeting, in order to keep Church members informed of Board activities and hopefully spark interest from members into participating in the activities we are doing and to have you come up with your own ideas for activities you would like to do.  
We are a work in progress, and I'm honored to be your President!  
Until next month,  
President, FCRS Board of Trustees