Prayer Assistance   

Receive the gift of prayer — There IS an answer!

Do you want to heal a hurt, have a dream come true, establish more love, peace, creativity and harmony in your life? We believe in the power of prayer. We invite you to receive the gift of Prayer.

We offer several methods of prayer assistance – by email to First Church of Religious Science Vallejo or United Centers of Spiritual Living or by 24-hour live Prayer Phone Line to the Agape Prayer Ministry - 310-348-1270.  

Our licensed Practitioners retrieve your emails each day. Emails are responded to if you request a response. Otherwise, your prayer requests are handled by our prayer team. Each prayer request is formulated into an affirmation and supported through prayer, usually within 24 hours.  Prayer treatment continues for two weeks unless we hear from you that the demonstration has been made.  All interactions are completely confidential.
Recorded 24-hour Prayer Line:  707-643-4357
About Agape Prayer Ministry - 310-348-1270
Agape Prayer Ministry is the on-line prayer support from Agape International Spiritual Center, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, in Los Angeles.  It is available 7 days a eek, 24 hours a day.  Their intention is to provide a loving, prayerful space dedicated to knowing the Truth about each caller and speaking the word of prayer in the full knowing that all things are possible in God consciousness.
 About the World Ministry of Prayer

Their intention as they improve and expand the World Ministry of Prayer is to have a real-time chat format for prayer. Until then, go to United Centers web page,  click on "Make A Prayer Request," and enter the requested information. You will receive a support letter via e-mail and have the opportunity to donate on-line if you desire.

 Experience the power of prayer moving through your life.

Simply  fill out the prayer request.

Thank you and God bless you with life, love and total well being.