This Practitioner Corner is by Rev. Ed Rosenback, R.Sc.P., Staff Minister and Practitioner Core Coordinator at First Church.  It also appears in the Summer 2019 issue of New Thought magazine.  
"A Theory of Existence" 
This idea came to me during a time of contemplation.  As stated in the title, it is a theory, but it does have an air of believability about it which I wish to share with you.  You can decide if this theory has merit.  
It came about as an affirmation which was revealed to me: "I am the product of God's creation and my own thought patterns."   Each of us can make this claim, as each is a creation of God and has developed along the lines of our individual thought patterns into being what we are today.  This is an evolutionary theory of Being and Becoming.  
We came into this world as God designed, and were placed into an atmosphere having all the elements necessary for the unfoldment of our Divine Potential.  
As we progressed through the stages of physical and mental growth, we may have suffered needlessly or succeeded fantastically, depending on those around us.  The home life of our youth may have been nurturing or devaluing.  If we were devalued by those entrusted with our upbringing, we suffered, and that suffering was needless because of the failure of our parent figures to do the job they were meant to do.  Perhaps they themselves were devalued and accepted that devaluation as their lot in life, and they visited that error on their offspring out of ignorance.  If we were nurtured by our parents and others, we succeeded.  
Throughout these early stages of life, we began to form the basis of our thought patterns, yet while in those formative years we were largely in a state of fluctuating beliefs between others' ideas and our own.  While we were subject to others' beliefs, we could not see how our own beliefs had creative power in our lives.  (It's a process of growth, from being subject to other people's ideas to moving forward and learning to trust our own.)  Some people stay in the area of being bound by others' beliefs, and these unfortunate souls never learn the value of their own thought, and never give themselves a chance to create a more successful, happier life.  
This is where New Thought can be a transformative tool in child-rearing.  If parents understood the rudiments of Mental Science, they could better nurture their offspring, and the value of each person's thought as a force for Good would be more universally understood and enhance the world's inhabitants.  
My personal belief is that valuing everyone as a creation of God leads to a better existence for all.  I believe that there is One Life, the Life of God.  It indwells all that is - every species, every life form, all of equal value.  
I would say that those fortunate to have discovered New Thought have reached spiritual adulthood.  They have survived an adolescence of ignorance and moved beyond misfortune to realize that they are truly "captains of their fate" and masters of their life experience.  
For those of us who are parents and grandparents, we also have a golden opportunity to help shape the future of generations and the world.  We can educate our youth about the power of their thought and encourage them in their endeavors.  If we hear of anyone in their circle of friends who discourages their attempts, we can challenge them to remain constant and remind them that just because something may not have ever been done before doesn't mean that it can never be done, and it might just be done by them!  
We are created by God and given a specific place and surroundings to live and grow.  
We go through phases where other's thoughts and beliefs can potentially hold sway over our developing consciousness.  
As we become more mature and learn to trust our own thought processes, we see that greater Good is ours when we believe in the worthimess of our ideas and ourselves.  
Those who attain success through mental achievement are a blessing to the world, and have a responsibility to share their knowledge.  
Each of us is a product of God's creation and our own thought patterns.  
And thus is my "Theory of Existence."     
Blessed Be, one and all!    
Rev. Ed