Pastoral Care Ministry
The Pastoral Care Ministry provides a vital function for pastoral concerns of members, friends and their families.   This is a compassionate heart-center of First Church, Vallejo, a lovingly-engaged, spiritual family community, committed to the well-being of its members through caring relationships and kind actions, intentionally assisting both the spiritual and life needs of the congregation.  Each of us is called to serve those around us, and this Ministry is the organizational center of pastoral care.  
The mission of the Pastoral Care Ministry is to provide compassionate service and practical support to meet the needs of the community members and friends of the congregation during life transitions, hospitalizations or other crises.  The Team Members of the Pastoral Care Ministry are a presence during difficult times and provide various needed services appropriate for each situation.  The team also provides set up and clean up for memorial services.  
Team Members of the Pastoral Care Ministry adhere to ethical guidelines, particularly confidential and privacy concerns.  They communicate spoken and written joys and concerns.  Each Team Member practices self-care, including spiritual consultations with the Minister, if needed.  Team Members keep each other informed about the pastoral needs of the congregation.  They also attend regular meetings for mutual support, information and Pastoral Skills training.  
The Pastoral Care Ministry team will develop and maintain a Resource Guide which will contain information on the many agencies in the community that help people in different types of crisis.  A hard copy of the Guide will be available in the Bookstore when completed.  At some time in the future the index to the Guide, with links, will be found online at the FCRS Vallejo website>Pastoral Care Resources.  
If you have, or think you have, need of the Pastoral Care Ministry services, please contact us!  
Alex Richardson, R.Sc.P.           Pastoral Care Coordinator              (707) 641-3160