FCRS Vallejo's
         Interim Spiritual Director:           D. Jacquelyn Edwards, R.Sc.P. 
Beginning on January 1, 2014, First Church Vallejo selected D. Jacquelyn Edwards, R.Sc.P., as Interim Spiritual Director, to serve as the provisional ecclesiastical head of the Church in the absence of a qualified Minister, performing many of the duties usually reserved for ministers. She is assisting the Board and congregation in the selection of a minister, and will speak regularly along with guest speakers during the selection process.  
D. Jacquelyn Edwards has been a Religious Science Practitioner since 1996. She started her study of Religious Science in the late 1970's under Rev. Ernest Forks at what is now East Bay Church of Religious Science. She has served in nearly every capacity in her church community: Bookstore Coordinator, Tape Ministry, Youth & Family Ministry, and Practitioner Coordinator. She has served on the East Bay Board of Trustees three times, twice as President. She loves teaching and has taught several certificated classes, including Foundational, Practitioner I and II Studies, and Financial Freedom.  
Jacquelyn has 20 years of public sector Human Resource experience with the City of Oakland. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Relations and a Masters degree in Organizational Change. She graduated from the Holmes Institute on June 14, 2014 with a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies, and will sit for her Ministerial Panels in August.  
After retiring from the City of Oakland, Jacquelyn founded Platinum Butterfly Ministries, a business created "to pollinate the spiritual nectar of individuals, groups and organizations." Her work includes public speaking, spiritual counseling, group facilitation and organizational development, especially for and in New Thought communities. Jacquelyn is the current Chair of the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) Diversity Commission. In this capacity she supports the CSL idea and vision of a world that works for everyone.  
The Board of Trustees (along with other committed First Church members) coordinated with the leadership of the Centers for Spiritual Living, and secured the approval necessary for Jacquelyn to serve as our Interim Spiritual Director, beginning in January 2014.  
About coming to Vallejo, Jacquelyn says: "I am so excited about this opportunity to serve as the Spiritual Director for First Church of Religious Science, Vallejo! When I look back and realize that my relationship with this community has spanned nearly 10 years, I am humbled by the integral role that you have played in my spiritual, professional and personal growth; and I am deeply humbled by your trust in me to play this critical ecumenical role in this phase of life of this powerful and consciously present community. I commit to giving this spiritual community my absolute best. Thank you so much!"