FCRS Vallejo's Spiritual Leader,        
       Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards, M.A.
On August 6, 2014, the Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards was chosen to serve as Spiritual Director of the First Church of Religious Science of Vallejo, California.  
A licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 1996, Rev. Jacquelyn graduated from the Holmes Institute in 2014. She loves teaching, and has taught certificated SOM classes from Foundational through Practitioner II studies, and continues a vigorous teaching ministry at First Church. 
After 20 years of service with the City of Oakland, Rev. Jacquelyn founded Platinum Butterfly Ministries, "to pollinate the spiritual nectar of individuals, groups and organizations" - work drawing on her collegiate emphasis in Organizational Change and her present life-emphasis in Spiritual Living.  
Rev. Jacquelyn and First Church have a history of nearly 12 years together. Of this period, Rev. Jacquelyn has expressed gratitude for the "integral role" First Church has played in her "spiritual, professional and personal growth" and the trust that has been placed in her to serve as our Spiritual Director.
In the words of past Board President Ed Rosenback, "We are Family."  This relationship not only defines that of Rev. Jacquelyn and First Church, Vallejo, but is also the relationship which First Church extends to all who come through its doors.