Rev. Jacquelyn's Message                
Communication, our theme for July, generally means connecting or exchanging information between two or more individuals or groups of people.  When viewed from a spiritual perspective, communication is important to achieving our desired outcomes - our wishes, wants, and/or desires on at least three different levels: our communication with Spirit or God, communication with self, and communication with family, friends, workmates, and those we encounter in all categories of relationship.  While much, if not most of our communication processes are spontaneous, we have the opportunity and perhaps even the responsibility to plant seeds of Collaborative Intentionality as we go about our daily business of living and loving.  
When we think about intentional communications, we are invited to be conscious of seemingly minor aspects like tone (both of words and voice) or body language (which is said to comprise as much as 55% of our communication), or what our emotional state at the time may be (often actually unrelated to the communication at hand).  Bringing intentionality into our relationships is an invitation to lead from (and with) Love and to recognize Spirit in every person we meet.  Rather than a nice-sounding, insincere demonstration of our intellectual ability to construct and say "the right thing", when we start with prayer (our communication with Spirit), we become heart-centered in all our interactions including our verbal and non-verbal communications.  
This does not mean that we agree with everyone or every circumstance.  It does, however, mean that we are respectful of each other as we, through our prayer work, remember and recognize that God is all there is, is everywhere present, and each one of us is a manifestation of the Divine - regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, or even political affiliation. When we anchor in God, we can then communicate from what we in Religious Science call our "God Qualities."  While it can be argued that all qualities are God qualities since God is all there is, when we examine the wisdom of the ages, as well as our own intuitive knowing, we see that the qualities of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Justice, Abundance, Freedom, Grace, etc., are considered by many to be qualities of the Divine.  
Meditation on and Prayer inviting these qualities keep them in the forefront of our consciousness and subsequently at the heart of our communication experiences and exchanges.  We are living in an era of very rapid and often venomous communications from all sectors of society.  Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube make it really easy to be anything but spiritual in our communications.  Based on much of what is afloat, we have to question what, if any, degree of intentionality there is. Is the intention to be mean, racist, fearmongering, devisive, hateful, etc.?  
Ancient texts from all of the major religions tell us that we cannot serve two masters or ideas.  We cannot serve or communicate from both Love and hatred.  We cannot create a healthy, sustainable life for all of humanity while engaging in destructive, mean and mean-spirited behavior towards each other and the planet we live on.  The question was once asked, "How can we love God, that we do not see, and not love each other [manifestations of the Divine] who we see every day?" Let us start each day with prayer and be intentionally loving in all our communications!  
Most Abundant Blessings,  
Rev. Jacquelyn