Rev. Jacquelyn's Message                
Financial Health and Prosperity  
November's theme, Financial Health and Prosperity, is an invitation to look at all areas of our lives, not just our finances. However, for those of us who have consciously or unconsciously chosen finances (and/or more specifically, money) as our growing edge, it is an opportunity to grow our awareness and our practices in some specific ways that will also enhance other areas.  It will significantly contribute to relieving stress and to having an overall experience of enjoying what we choose from the extensive menu of some really good stuff that life has to offer.
First let's remember that when we work on any one area, we are working on all areas because what is known and experienced in one place or area is known and experienced in all areas! Sometimes the challenge is in identifying the one area that needs the most attention in our personal experience.  This is most readily identified by looking at the area where we experience the most stress, angst, anxiety, upset, etc. -- you get the picture!  
Some of the basic practices that apply to every area are:  
Gratitude - Gratitude is such an opener for receiving more! Gratitude anchors us in the realization of what it is that is already working.  By being thankful for what we already have, including our unique knowledge, skills and abilities, we are also opening up to ideas about how to use these gifts to increase our health, quality of our relationships, and of course our finances. Even if someone else has implemented that idea that you had years ago for the tool that removes the kernels of corn in 2 minutes flat, you have the opportunity to be in gratitude for the clear demonstration of the built-in success of your ideas!  So, get busy with one of those other money-making ideas that are dancing in your head!  
Forgiveness - We are all so uniquely qualified and talented at finding the "bad" in others, and especially in our own behavior, actions and ideas!  Forgiveness restores esteem!  It opens the heart to remember that we are all manifestations of the Divine and that, as such, there is absolutely nothing for which we are not already forgiven through the ever-present quality of Grace.  So really, Forgiveness invites us to get on board with the perfection of us that was established before time.  We are invited to be in touch with and embrace that part of self that has never been injured, hurt or damaged, and which never can be.  We are the ways and means by which the Divine dances in the delight of Itself.  
Generosity - Generosity and Kindness go hand-in-hand. Generosity refers to our givingness, and is a reminder of the givingness of Spirit.  It includes how generous we are with the people and organizations we encounter daily who are asking for our financial help and/or support.  Generosity invites both unconditional Love and remembering Oneness - That which connects all of us regardless of appearances. Generosity, particularly in the form of tithing, is also an expression of Faith.  It is a way of anchoring ourselves in the ancient practice of saying "Yes" to being in and supported by the Principle of Divine Circulation; i.e., God is the Source and the Substance of my supply.  Keep circulating!  
Most Abundant Blessings,  
Rev. Jacquelyn